About Island Living


Our Inspiration

We use art and design to innovate, so we take an old skill and use it in a different way combining art and craft. We live on an island so we seek to reduce waste as we use fabric left from a project or re-purpose the cloth from an item of clothing


Our Process

At Island Living, we use cloth as if it was paint to make fabric art-scapes and bags. The fabrics we have on hand is the palette which we layer, pin then stitch.  Some items are in a series, others are made just once, but each piece is an original. Art and craft in a unique interpretation.


Let us create for you!

Our work can be tailored to your needs. We also have pieces available on the island through the Charlestown Gallery. Or at one or two Pop-up locations. Send us a message, let us work together, art and craft for the greater good!


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